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Effective team work – home and away

Effective team work – home and away

It’s not just for the holiday season, with the rising cost of office rents and taxes it makes perfect sense to have at least some of your team working remotely away from your office. Even better if you are planning to relocate to new premises or you have an ever growing team and increasing requirements for office space, you can schedule a rotation so that a portion of your team are always working remotely. If for example, 20% of your team are working away from your office on any particular day you will achieve a massive 20% reduction in the cost of your office space. How much would this mean to your business if you can save even 20% of the office rent, taxes, cleaning, electricity and heating as well as other overhead expenses?


Combine this with improved staff satisfaction and fulfillment which each of your team will experience from being able to manage their work life balance through not having to travel for at least one day each week. They can schedule those important personal and family commitments into the time they will save by not having to travel to work on that day.


What are the steps needed to start letting your team work remotely?


  1. Make the decision. This is the first step, make the commitment and then put your ‘shoulder to the wheel’ to make this happen.


  1. Give them the right tools. The type of work that your employees would usually do in the office will be a factor in deciding on what tools they will require. This is where a great online CRM or accounting system will pay dividends. These can be accessed from anywhere.


With the rise of communication tools like Google Hangouts where you can have a virtual video conference with up to 15 people, maintaining communications without having to travel is becoming even easier.


These days things like a computer tablet are almost disposable items of equipment. If this makes all the difference for them to be able to access and respond to emails or access your system over the internet, it’s a small price to pay when compared to the savings you will make and the benefits for your team.


  1. Document the business processes. These should not be that different from what you would expect them to do when they are in the office. But a small amount of time invested in training your team to use remote systems will be well invested.


  1. Wise judgement and thoughtful management will stand you in good stead in establishing a high level of trust between you and your team whether your team are working at your premises or working from home. So it’s not too different really where they work.


It’s not the fact that your team are in the office that is important, it’s the quality and amount of work they get done that really counts. Working from home might well mean a higher level of output because they are not distracted from their work with interruptions. They will still retain the important social interaction from working with others when they are in the office and an element of this is also maintained through online interaction as well.

Written by Bryce Anderson, read more about the author on Google+

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This is the cornerstone of your CRM – your connections, your contacts, your customers, your suppliers. It all revolves around the people you know and are connected with.

As you build and grow your relationships with your contacts you are able to develop a loyalty between you and your brand. This will directly translate into increased and improved business performance.

List all of your contacts and companies you do business with and link them together. Add log entries to record all your interactions.Wherever you are, you are always connected with your contacts, you can make any updates, record notes and access information or files.


Create and allocate tasks. These automatically sync with your calendars on any media device and set automatic reminders.You can assign a team member and a contact or a group of contacts to a task.

A collection of tasks, referred to as a case, is an ideal way to manage a project or a series of events that are required in your business. By sharing the case everyone associated with the project can monitor it’s progress. They will be able to see when the project is started, whether it’s ‘on track’, ‘overdue’ or ‘completed’.


Groups are like a saved of your contacts.

This is a really essential tool, by being able to categorise your contacts into different groups means that you are able to identify the contacts that you want to work with at any time.This might be because you want to visit all of your contacts in a specific postcode or town or you want to email a special offer to different types of contacts.


Having your documents in one place together with your CRM makes perfect sense. Our documents feature allows you to store and share files relating to a specific contact together the contact details.

Your sales team will always access the most up to date sales support material. There is no need to backup your documents any more as we take care of this automatically for you. You have reassurance and peace of mind when using our document feature because we use the same advanced security level when storing your documents as every else in Light Degree CRM.


At the heart of every business is the customer and it is imperative that they feel valued. They appreciate being kept up-to-date with the latest news, promotions, events, reminders or simply to stay in touch.

We can tailor make e-mail campaigns to suit your business. Reports and full campaign analytics are generated automatically. Preview messages, see who is opening them and what interests them so that you can send them further information. All templates are optimised for mobile devices for quality viewing.The campaign size can grow as your organisation does,with a strong emphasis on expanding your brand, it will give your business an amplified appearance of online presence.


Even when remote from the office you can have a complete overview of all event details. An accurate count enables you to manage marketing strategies and facilities. New events created will automatically appear on your website, enabling customers to register immediately. All registrations will instantaneously be added to your event and contact book.

Make sure your attendees and exhibitors have all the information they need. It’s simple to send message reminders of event details or any last minute changes. If you need to share documents, these can be uploaded ready for your event managers to download.


Each user can adjust their own settings, including setting up a social login (using Google or Linkedin) so they can just click and login with details they are already familiar with.
Admin users can manage other users, change the way the contact information is displayed and create custom fields or tags to categorise contacts.


Reporting gives you an overview of everything that is going on in your business. It helps you to focus on what is important rather than just getting lost in all of the detailed information you have in your CRM.

We offer an extensive range of reports to be sure that you can get the best information to manage and operate your business. We specialise in reporting on sales activity for individuals and teams.We even add another report every time you add tag (or custom field) to categorise your contacts. So you will always have the information that you need to build and increase your sales.


A great way to be remember to follow up on all of those quotes that you have prepared and given to customers and potential customers, is to enter these as opportunities into your CRM.

By adding them as opportunities you can check on the progress, right from the time you prepare the quote, through to when you receive an order or send an invoice to a customer. Once entered into the application you will be reminded as the date approaches, when you anticipate the order to arrive. This means that you can follow up with the customer if necessary to assist the process.You can add other potential quotes or opportunities to your list as you identify these so they will tracked and followed up as well.


A great way to work with other people or for using as a simple check list of things that need to be done. Track all tasks to be completed and see the overall progress of the project. A collection of tasks where you are collaborating with other team members like this is referred to as a ‘case’.
It can happen like this…
– You need to prepare a quote and need someone to prepare a drawing and someone else to get pricing from several suppliers first
– You are working on an event where several people have to complete different tasks to make it happen
– You need to advise a customer and have to call in expert advice first
– You are working on a project and everyone in the team needs to know where the others are up to and the progress overall